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Everyone has been asking to see more of the babies so here they are! So in love with each and every one of them! 

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"But we’re all human!"

Reminder that the idea that “we’re all human” only works if your oppressors see you as human. Which. They don’t.

wolfiewooz asked: I'm having some trouble with my rats and sadly I don't have the money to take them to the vet. I had 4, I'm down to 2. They were given to me in July at a year old, and two died in September. One over the weekend while I was gone, and before her, her sister deteriorated in health and I had to.. help end the suffering. Now one of their sisters is suffering similar symptoms. She moves like she is blind, wont pick up food with her front paws, is sluggish and acting unusual. I don't know what to do..













Hey there! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough time with your rats :(
It sounds like she may be suffering from a pituitary tumour. These often make rats act strange. They don’t seem to be in pain, but they act very strange and unlike themselves. Is she acting very clumsy, doing things such as not being able to hold her food or wobbling on the spot?
If anyone else has any suggestions, please contact wolfiewooz.tumblr.com/ask!

Help end the suffering?????

I think they meant have them put to sleep but tried to word it nicely.

Sounds like the rats wasn’t euthanised by a vet

Maybe ask them instead of assuming?

I have a friend who owns rat-eating reptiles and had their help to end it quick.. I figure if it’s okay for people to kill a healthy rat to feed a snake, it’s okay to end a rat’s suffering whens he’s having seizures, won’t eat, won’t drink, can’t move, etc. They were dropped on me when an acquaintance + his family moved down south this summer and couldn’t find anyone to take them.  I’ve owned a good 12 rats in the past and I’ve never had them wind up with a pituitary tumor before that i’m aware of, most of my rodents have lived 3-4 year life spans. The only time i’ve ever had them die so young was when my niece fed one of them silly putty while I was gone and I found out way too late. :(

You really think that’s the right way to put an animal out of its misery? To let another animal end it’s life? Wow

You shouldn’t be owning any fucking animals if you can’t afford vet bills and think that having another animal KILL IT is okay.


I feel sick to my fucking stomach. I could never imagine feeding one of my beloved pets, part of my family, to a snake. They’d be terrified and it’d be a terrible ending to a life I have so much respect for. You should give your remaining rats to a shelter because your “solution” is inhumane.

Oh my god :’(

That probably wasn’t the best way to go about it.

I dont get why would this be inhumane? Yes it was a pet but it was obviously has something wrong with it. Guys that is the circle of life. Snakes eat rats. There is no shame in ending the suffering of a rat in that way. Was it the best choice? Probably not. But seriously, CIRCLE OF LIFE THERE WAS A WHOLE DISNEY MOVIE ON IT.

You don’t need to ‘hate the human race’. I think people were upset because they couldn’t imagine feeding their pets that they’ve spent years with to another animal, no matter what the circle of life is. When an animal is a pet there is no circle of life, because they are looked after until they need to be PTS or pass away naturally. I imagine that the rat (if conscious) would have been scared and suffered once fed to the snake. I wouldn’t want to ever put one of my rats in that situation, regardless of how sick they were. I would take them to a vet to be euthanised in an environment that would cause as little stress as possible and I would borrow money to do it if I had none (which I have done before).
Although, I am not a believer of having reptiles as pets due to the fact that some won’t eat unless the food is live feed and I don’t feel right about live feeding.

tl;dr people were upset because they couldn’t imagine feeding their beloved pet to a snake. And that’s a totally legitimate way to feel.
Yes some people went on the attack, however it was quite upsetting to read what had happened.

Um, not to mention it is not a humane way to go? Depending the the reptile you have being slowly strangled to death, slowly crushed to death, dying slowly to vemon/poison, or being eaten alive. Circle of life, blah blah, but there is a reason that respected herp owners do not live feed. LIVE FEEDING IS CRUEL AND DANGEROUS FOR ALL ANIMALS INVOLVED. It is a fucking HORRIBLE way to end the suffering of a pet. By…making them spend the last minutes of their lives being terrified and slowly killed!? Real fucking humane.

This person should not own pets if they can not afford vet bills or properly care for them and that includes proper end of life euthanization. Also, FEEDING SICK ANIMALS TO CAPTIVE ANIMALS ENDANGERS THEIR LIVES. Captive pets are not exposed to the same things wild animals are. In fact, POORLY BRED FOOD IS BAD FOR THE HEALTH OF REPTILES WHILE IS WHY RODENT MILL PRODUCED FOOD IS BAD.

Both owners here fucked up royally and showed little knowledge and compassion for their pets. People are not only pissed, and rightfully so, that they fed their beloved pet to a reptile, but that they MADE THE LAST MOMENTS OF THEIR BELOVED PET BE TRAUMATIC AND SUFFERING. That is not compassion. That is fucked. They also endangered the life of whatever reptile they fed the rat to because even sick rats can still bite and KILL the reptile.

This is cruelty. This is callousness. This is ignorance. This is down right FUCKED UP for someone to do who cares about their pets, on both sides.